before I start this post I must admit that I have BLOGGED on the topic of STINK FACTOR before
then again I have Bitched and Blogged about cars in traffic before
I BLOG on these topics again.... that is what I do
but honestly.... my archives are always more interesting.... there was a time when I was a far more interesting blogger and perhaps a far more interesting person

do I dare just cut and paste the old article here?
no.... but check the my archives link above and go and scan down to see that I sound pretty much the same
if nothing else you may get a kick out of my wonderful pictures or my BUSH BASHING

let the rants begin....
last night I did looped the Park Road hill in front of my house several times as a substitute for a ride that I really did not have time to take
while speeding downhill against the wind I took in a deep breath of air
the air was not fresh
the air was tainted by the essence of my commuter back pack
like a carton of milk that has gone bad or a 6 ounce tub of sour cream that has gone good
this back pack is exceeding its sell by date
sure it may be good for a week or two past this date
okay.... I may be able to hold my nose and extend the use a little further
but it certainly time to retire this old backpack... this old backpack that is not so old
yet it is time just the same

I can wash it
but the STINK FACTOR is strong
cleaning the backpack with OXYCLEAN or FEBREEZE may give a temporary solution to the problem
but just one or two healthy sweats and I will certainly be smelling the sweats of a few hundred rides with this backpack over the last few years
so it is time to head over to City Bikes and invest in a few things... a few things including backpack, gloves, and shorts
the shorts don't stink
but I can use some more shorts

such replacements are not just for me
but for the people I encounter throughout my day
the handshake on the street
the passing in the halls as I arrive to work
I do not want to smell like I am homeless
if I smell like I am homeless I may get fired from my job which could make me homeless
this needs to be avoided

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