Rants on Cycling and on Life


Where am I? What have I been up to?
Who am I and why am I here? (okay.... I can not answer that one)
PT: No More Physical Terrorism
well... no more painful PT (Physical Terrorism) administered by a trained professional
and no more spa-like hot wax hand dips
left the good with the bad behind me
the finger exercises are all on me
everyday I wake to a stiff finger with limited mobility
everyday throughout my day I try to regain mobility and strength
it is a slow process... but a vital process
it is a process that is getting old
Yoga: trying to get back into the routine
lisa and I are doing the Saturday morning yoga hand off
this morning I took the boys to the National Zoo while lisa did an Ashtanga One class
then I went and handed off the boys to lisa where I got to take part in an Ashtanga Open Class
my Yoga is ugly to the eye... but it feels great
in my mind my Yoga efforts are as important to my cycling as another ride
hiking the dogs, yoga, and cycling are part of my life is cumulative approach to staying healthy
the fried food? that is pure pleasure
The Bike: the Shenandoah Mountain 100 is 8 days away
much like a major exam
it is too late to cram
I know I have not studied as much as I should have
but now it is just vital to hang onto what progress I have obtained thus far
with my time off the bike due to my injury
with all the time that family and work took priority over riding
I will have a positive approach to this race
even in shape this event is a journey of the spirit
it is my intention to ride fast and ride hard
if my body is telling me that this task is impossible... I will have to pack it up and pack it in
DNF is not an option?
DNF or DIE? well... that is something to be avoided
this race is to be respected..... fatigue on a fast technical downhill could be disasterous
DNF is a better option to DEATH
DFL is also not an option... as I have finished this race twice previously.... I have proved I can do it... so there is no need injurying myself trying to make a statement
go hard
have fun
see where the day takes me

in a nut shell that is where I am at
work is still kicking my white ass
the boys are amazing... we are enjoying the cooler August days
but I am not enjoying the need for both Dean and Grant to wake up at 3 Am each night
such is parenthood... sleepless nights are part of the routine
all parents deal with it
it is just our turn

this morning at the Zoo was a blast
Dean and Grant are getting to be quite a team
the age difference is there
but as Grant gains speed, agility, and language skills he becomes more of a playmate for his older brother Dean

topped the sunlight off with a long hike in the woods with an old friend and the dogs
these hikes are a good chance for us to catch up
they are a vital part of our relationship
the dogs had a good time too


how hard could NASCAR be?
they are only making left hand turns...
if they went to race in England... would they go around the track the other way?

bike for life
-the notion of age and cycling is a popular topic
-last week the president went biking and people were talking about his age
-earlier this year Lance retired from racing and their was talk of his age
-this weekend past at the SSWC there was the presence of Keith Bontrager and Gary Fisher... most certainly someone had to be talking about their ages
-then lastly... this week I had another birthday... which leaves me thinking about my age

-for my birthday my brother and his family got me a book; Bike for Life
-it seems like a good resource
-it approaches the sport of cycling and discusses many issues about the sport of cycling and the notion of aging
-thus far I have only scanned the pages
-glacing at sections on cycling specific yoga....
-the correlation of strong climbing to lesser body mass
-there are stories.... interviews..... and anecdotes
-lots of information delievered in a way that my ADD brain can understand

-I look forward to reading BIKE FOR LIFE
-more than that
-I look forward to riding for the rest of my long healthy life

*there is an anecdote from the 1996 24 Hours of Moab in this book... I am not positive as the results do not go that far back... but he says Team Large Ass... when I think he may mean Team Huge Ass


the SSWC... I was not there but like every monday morning mountainbiker... I wish I had been there

here is a synopsis of the race from the perspective of Keith Bontrager as it appeared in
here is his full index at

then here is RickyD's account at
complete with pictures that might very well rival some of the stuff at the drunkcyclist
(who was there and is working on a write up at the moment....)

do a google... look around.... there most certainly will be some write up in Dirt Rag next month!
or tryjoefoleysinglespeedoutlawfatmarc..... the list goes on!
everyone has a story to tell
all worth reading

gotta love the bike and everything that goes with it


Yearbook Photo
more on the passing of time... 20 years time

there it is...

there I am...

that is me

or maybe

that was me

at least that is how I sat in front of the camera that day

holding a face and wearing a hair style that I thought would go onto my "permanent record"

the threats from my father were clear... this picture could make or break my chances of going to college

although I did not want to go to college I feared not having the option to go to college
so I borrowed a comb and a cardigan from my lab partner in Anatomy and Physiology
fixed myself up

this was the result

the other image...
an already been posted on the BLOG image of me sledding
this image appeared on the cover of the Washington Post that same year
the color of my hair had changed by the time this sledding shot was taken
I am the one in the front of the tobbogan
yes... I did have hair
no... neither of those are wigs.... the hair I had was my own

here is a fun article from the SFGATE on one person's reunion

Lance in the Press
do a little scan of any of the papers....
USA Today front cover
Washington Post first page of the sports
the French are still chasing Lance
seems that they are going back to his 1999 urine samples
and trying to call in Monica's blue dress

let it ride...
let it rest...

TV Show House is Looking for Cross Riders
August 22, 2005
If any of you want to be in a current TV show, there is a need for cyclocross riders. Producers are looking to hire 25 cyclocross riders on August 30, 2005 for the show "House" in Los AngelesŠ..The guys should have their own bikes, helmets, bike apparel (prefer no logos)Š..The Rate would be 75 dollars for 8 hours, plus 12 for the bike, plus wardrobe (5 -15 dollars)Š.These gentlemen should be in their 20's and 30's, all ethnicities, and in great shape.

Please contact: Brad Kenny, SAG Casting Director, Central Casting, Los Angeles, CA at

*cut and pasted from an email from my brother

my birthday was yesterday
38 years young
got a wide range of cards, ecards, and emails on the topic
Dirt Rag forum and the Honda dealership from which I bought my car each sent a birthday greeting
even if these were sent from a robot of the automated world
these were just two of the many messages that helped to make yesterday special

other things that made yesterday special...
calling in sick... (was actually in need... the boys were up all night the night prior)
long walk with the dogs in the woods with a relatively low humidity
a shopping spree at Target where I got various things to make Dean's room more his own
a stop by Big Wheel Bikes in old town Alexandria where Bennet gave me an old road frame with horizontal drop outs (Colanogo; very classic.... lugs and all)
after the club house experience of eating lunch at the Old Town Big Wheel it was back into DC for a set up of all the toys from Target then a spin on the bike
was able to squeeze in a little over an hour on the cross bike before Lisa and boys joined me for a trip to RFK stadium for a Nationals baseball game
Grant's first baseball game during the Nationals first season

then after the boys were put to sleep there was still a little time to study for work

a day well spent

a new issue of Dirt Rag came in the mail some time last week or so
have not had time to read it yet
paged through it
but have not given it a full read
did notice that Larry Camp had a photo in this issue
my subscription is about to run out.... maybe I will look into this "lifetime subscription"


no time to BLOG
no time for the bike
not even any time for the family
work is kicking my ass!

it is somewhat ironic
I work a job so that I can have a family
right now I have a family that I seldom see
in the mornings I get to hang with the boys for a little before work
in the evenings I get to put the boys to bed
the last couple of weekends there have been congregations around the dinner table
but.... I have had to work on some of the weekends past
no adventures with the boys
no trips to the water park
no afternoons at the pool
no dad teaching his children to swim
no dad teaching his children to ride bikes
just dad at work

tonight is no different
having to work late tonight

eventually I will get a solid rhythm with work and life
but right now it just is not flowing

yes, I know that I also ride my bike
yes, I know that I occassionally do bike races
being a husband and a father does not mean that I need to stop being me
riding a bike is part of who I am
it makes me a better husband
it makes me a better father


28 Days Later
bring it back to the bike
always got to bring it back to the bike
as loose as this tangent may be
it is bicycle related
the protagonist of 28 Days Later is a bike messenger

this film is beautifully shot.... an epic of sorts
it carries a slow dramatic cinematic tone of a different time
it is a must see
not sure why I let this sit on the shelf for so long
now I can return this DVD and thank my friend for lending it to me

coffee down
time for me to study while lisa is at the pool with the boys

local mountainbike race today (Cranky Monkey #3)
no time for bikes this weekend
need to study for work
no time to study for the SM100
need to study for work....
yes.... I heard that .... need to study for work

SSWC: Single Speed World Championships
SSWC 2005
today at State College PA there is some serious Single Speed Madness going on
the tales are being created as I type
can not wait to hear the variety of experiences and the final outcome
this is an event that will be talked about for years to come

Wonder if the WILD CARD will come into play

Speaking of winning (and whining), lets hit this one last time. The top placing will be determined on the go-cart track. If you're one of the few whining 'cause you're super fast and you've been training all year and what does go-cart racing have to do with real mountain biking anyway-hit the NORBA nationals. Top 20 men racers and 10 random riders will do battle in 3 heats advancing to the final heat of chaos (and driving). The same for thee women with the top 10 doing battle on the track in one fabulous heat!

ah.... those crazy kids
this morning I got to sleep in late
lisa is good to me that way
was able till roughly 8am
8am to a father of two small boys is like noon or one in the afternoon to a single male in his twenties

this morning Dean was at my side as he has been in a routine of migrating to our bed at roughly 6am....
bad dreams? sleepless nights? feels like he is missing out on what Grant is doing in the family bed?
6am is around the same time that Grant wakes up and needs to be retrieved from his crib upstairs
well... 6am is the hopeful... Grant does not need to wait for the rising sun to wake in the morning
our usual hopes are to get both boys to fall back asleep once in the "mommy bed"
things do not always go as we plan
Grant is usually trying to communicate some basic needs with his simple language of a 18 month old child
"donstares.... donstares...."
asking to go downstairs would be a common basic request
if he clearly wants to play lisa or I (usually lisa as she is more functional at this time of day) will ask him to get a toy from the
"toy room"
like a well faithful trained Yellow Labrador Grant moves fast on his mission
returning proudly with a toy only to rush off and grab another
this routine is good for at least a few extra winks

this morning as Dean slept at my side Lisa entertained Grant downstairs
when enough seemed like enough Grant came up the stairs
with one ear to the pillow and one ear to the sounds of the house I listened to the rhythm of Grant moving up the stairs
although he has been going up stairs since six months... at 18 months he still goes up the stairs with a crawl
guess it is a matter of proportions
how would I move up stairs that were one third my body height with the rise of each stair?

Grant rushed into the room and I begged for a hug
immediately he rushed off with a smile and a laugh in a "come and get me" sort of way
still waking slowly there was no lunge to get him
like a boomerang Grant was rushing back to my side
as he arrived closer his arm outstretched as if to hand me something
sure enough
it was a Lego... not under three year old size Lego (known as Duplo) but a diminutive choking hazard size lego piece
I accepted the piece and was proud of Grant's handing over a toy he knows he should not have
then just as soon as Grant left he was back with another small flat square lego piece
with the same hand I now had two pieces in my hand
two rapidly became four by which time I was out of bed and putting these pieces out of harm's way
as I stood up and walked to the dresser I stretched my long tired body and tried to recall the tail end of the movie the night before
thoughtlessly I caressed the small square Lego pieces in my hand
flat on one side by lacking that plug in puzzle piece form of a Lego on the other
as Grant came back with two more pieces I knew what they were before he made a U-turn for more
Grant was plucking the keys off my laptop keyboard

before Grant could get to the laptop I had him in my hands and was issuing a meaningless, "no... no.... no"
to which I got nothing but laughter

was able to replace all but the "T" key on my laptop
will pull out the tweezers and try for a repair

the only way to prevent such things from happening is to keep such things out of sight and out of view
a lesson all parents learn
to children... especially very very small children... nothing is sacred

weekend minutes?
roaming charges?
these little guys do not care.... to them it is all the same

deleting files?
shutting down the computer mid project?
it is just a slap of some keys and a push of a button

such is life with little people roaming free in my world
I love it
with all of its subtleties