SSWC: Single Speed World Championships
SSWC 2005
today at State College PA there is some serious Single Speed Madness going on
the tales are being created as I type
can not wait to hear the variety of experiences and the final outcome
this is an event that will be talked about for years to come

Wonder if the WILD CARD will come into play

Speaking of winning (and whining), lets hit this one last time. The top placing will be determined on the go-cart track. If you're one of the few whining 'cause you're super fast and you've been training all year and what does go-cart racing have to do with real mountain biking anyway-hit the NORBA nationals. Top 20 men racers and 10 random riders will do battle in 3 heats advancing to the final heat of chaos (and driving). The same for thee women with the top 10 doing battle on the track in one fabulous heat!

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