TV Show House is Looking for Cross Riders
August 22, 2005
If any of you want to be in a current TV show, there is a need for cyclocross riders. Producers are looking to hire 25 cyclocross riders on August 30, 2005 for the show "House" in Los AngelesŠ..The guys should have their own bikes, helmets, bike apparel (prefer no logos)Š..The Rate would be 75 dollars for 8 hours, plus 12 for the bike, plus wardrobe (5 -15 dollars)Š.These gentlemen should be in their 20's and 30's, all ethnicities, and in great shape.

Please contact: Brad Kenny, SAG Casting Director, Central Casting, Los Angeles, CA at bkenny@centralcasting.org

*cut and pasted from an email from my brother

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