no time to BLOG
no time for the bike
not even any time for the family
work is kicking my ass!

it is somewhat ironic
I work a job so that I can have a family
right now I have a family that I seldom see
in the mornings I get to hang with the boys for a little before work
in the evenings I get to put the boys to bed
the last couple of weekends there have been congregations around the dinner table
but.... I have had to work on some of the weekends past
no adventures with the boys
no trips to the water park
no afternoons at the pool
no dad teaching his children to swim
no dad teaching his children to ride bikes
just dad at work

tonight is no different
having to work late tonight

eventually I will get a solid rhythm with work and life
but right now it just is not flowing

yes, I know that I also ride my bike
yes, I know that I occassionally do bike races
being a husband and a father does not mean that I need to stop being me
riding a bike is part of who I am
it makes me a better husband
it makes me a better father

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