Where am I? What have I been up to?
Who am I and why am I here? (okay.... I can not answer that one)
PT: No More Physical Terrorism
well... no more painful PT (Physical Terrorism) administered by a trained professional
and no more spa-like hot wax hand dips
left the good with the bad behind me
the finger exercises are all on me
everyday I wake to a stiff finger with limited mobility
everyday throughout my day I try to regain mobility and strength
it is a slow process... but a vital process
it is a process that is getting old
Yoga: trying to get back into the routine
lisa and I are doing the Saturday morning yoga hand off
this morning I took the boys to the National Zoo while lisa did an Ashtanga One class
then I went and handed off the boys to lisa where I got to take part in an Ashtanga Open Class
my Yoga is ugly to the eye... but it feels great
in my mind my Yoga efforts are as important to my cycling as another ride
hiking the dogs, yoga, and cycling are part of my life is cumulative approach to staying healthy
the fried food? that is pure pleasure
The Bike: the Shenandoah Mountain 100 is 8 days away
much like a major exam
it is too late to cram
I know I have not studied as much as I should have
but now it is just vital to hang onto what progress I have obtained thus far
with my time off the bike due to my injury
with all the time that family and work took priority over riding
I will have a positive approach to this race
even in shape this event is a journey of the spirit
it is my intention to ride fast and ride hard
if my body is telling me that this task is impossible... I will have to pack it up and pack it in
DNF is not an option?
DNF or DIE? well... that is something to be avoided
this race is to be respected..... fatigue on a fast technical downhill could be disasterous
DNF is a better option to DEATH
DFL is also not an option... as I have finished this race twice previously.... I have proved I can do it... so there is no need injurying myself trying to make a statement
go hard
have fun
see where the day takes me

in a nut shell that is where I am at
work is still kicking my white ass
the boys are amazing... we are enjoying the cooler August days
but I am not enjoying the need for both Dean and Grant to wake up at 3 Am each night
such is parenthood... sleepless nights are part of the routine
all parents deal with it
it is just our turn

this morning at the Zoo was a blast
Dean and Grant are getting to be quite a team
the age difference is there
but as Grant gains speed, agility, and language skills he becomes more of a playmate for his older brother Dean

topped the sunlight off with a long hike in the woods with an old friend and the dogs
these hikes are a good chance for us to catch up
they are a vital part of our relationship
the dogs had a good time too

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