my birthday was yesterday
38 years young
got a wide range of cards, ecards, and emails on the topic
Dirt Rag forum and the Honda dealership from which I bought my car each sent a birthday greeting
even if these were sent from a robot of the automated world
these were just two of the many messages that helped to make yesterday special

other things that made yesterday special...
calling in sick... (was actually in need... the boys were up all night the night prior)
long walk with the dogs in the woods with a relatively low humidity
a shopping spree at Target where I got various things to make Dean's room more his own
a stop by Big Wheel Bikes in old town Alexandria where Bennet gave me an old road frame with horizontal drop outs (Colanogo; very classic.... lugs and all)
after the club house experience of eating lunch at the Old Town Big Wheel it was back into DC for a set up of all the toys from Target then a spin on the bike
was able to squeeze in a little over an hour on the cross bike before Lisa and boys joined me for a trip to RFK stadium for a Nationals baseball game
Grant's first baseball game during the Nationals first season

then after the boys were put to sleep there was still a little time to study for work

a day well spent

a new issue of Dirt Rag came in the mail some time last week or so
have not had time to read it yet
paged through it
but have not given it a full read
did notice that Larry Camp had a photo in this issue
my subscription is about to run out.... maybe I will look into this "lifetime subscription"

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