bike for life
-the notion of age and cycling is a popular topic
-last week the president went biking and people were talking about his age
-earlier this year Lance retired from racing and their was talk of his age
-this weekend past at the SSWC there was the presence of Keith Bontrager and Gary Fisher... most certainly someone had to be talking about their ages
-then lastly... this week I had another birthday... which leaves me thinking about my age

-for my birthday my brother and his family got me a book; Bike for Life
-it seems like a good resource
-it approaches the sport of cycling and discusses many issues about the sport of cycling and the notion of aging
-thus far I have only scanned the pages
-glacing at sections on cycling specific yoga....
-the correlation of strong climbing to lesser body mass
-there are stories.... interviews..... and anecdotes
-lots of information delievered in a way that my ADD brain can understand

-I look forward to reading BIKE FOR LIFE
-more than that
-I look forward to riding for the rest of my long healthy life

*there is an anecdote from the 1996 24 Hours of Moab in this book... I am not positive as the results do not go that far back... but he says Team Large Ass... when I think he may mean Team Huge Ass

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