Yearbook Photo
more on the passing of time... 20 years time

there it is...

there I am...

that is me

or maybe

that was me

at least that is how I sat in front of the camera that day

holding a face and wearing a hair style that I thought would go onto my "permanent record"

the threats from my father were clear... this picture could make or break my chances of going to college

although I did not want to go to college I feared not having the option to go to college
so I borrowed a comb and a cardigan from my lab partner in Anatomy and Physiology
fixed myself up

this was the result

the other image...
an already been posted on the BLOG image of me sledding
this image appeared on the cover of the Washington Post that same year
the color of my hair had changed by the time this sledding shot was taken
I am the one in the front of the tobbogan
yes... I did have hair
no... neither of those are wigs.... the hair I had was my own

here is a fun article from the SFGATE on one person's reunion

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