last comic standing....
total bummer
tonight I was doing a little channel surfing (and I told you I don't surf) when I passed through a quasi-reality show, The Last Comic Standing.
It was seconds before I saw DC Benny was going to be one of the competitors. Having seen him before I knew that he could be funny, having gone to high school with him I knew he was a nice guy and deserved a break. Enough with the intro...ran downstairs and came back with a glass of wine, just in time for the show to start back up with a few reality bites of Ben's life, then he was on the stage. His opening was weak and fell dead....he responded to the crowd's lack of response....but...being a professional and a fighter he came back, but the time limit was not in his favor....he finally transitioned into some humor, the crowded started to respond positively. They rebounded well, but before he could move from the Indian Rapper Bit....time had run off and he ran off the stage. The previous performers had all hung out for a little clever Q&A response time where they could showcase a little improv back and forth.
Not that his career was hinged on this one event, but it did seem like it could be a good break for an aspiring comic. Perhaps he has a bigger opportunity around the corner and this had to dispell so he could be open to the next.