ban bacardi

bacardi needs to be banned

when I drink rum I do not think I drink bacardi
when I have a mojoto I most definitely am not requesting bacardi
although I may request a mojito
am not saying no to a bacardi and coke
it is just not my objective
rum is not really my drink of choice

this ad is funny
not that ad
the ad on the television
funny that they would support a bunch of guys being assholes
rushing to get indoors to watch television
it is so stupid that it hardly pisses me off
it does piss me off
how annoying.... what makes that funny or cool?

have you seen this ad with the men in fish costumes?
do you know what I am talking about?
am I making any sense?

and a Jeep commercial in Spanish during The Mind of Mencina?
very interesting
the world is changing

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