Free Lunch?
for years I have seen a similar sight as I ride through the city on my way home from work
at various corners throughout the city the homeless gather for the arrival of soup trucks
well, there may not always be soup
usually it looks like sandwiches, coffee, and maybe some fresh fruit
what is received is not what is important, the meat of this message is that when passing these lines of homeless people it is not uncommon for me to see a few couriers thrown into the mix
it has never been clear to me whether they felt they needed the handout, they deserved the handout, felt that they got by better by not purchasing all their meals themselves, or if they just found these sandwiches tastee
never stopped to ask
I have known people to handout the sandwiches
their stories usually involve a the long list of thankless complaints they get from the homeless
"I want one turkey and one ham"
"I don't like roast beef"
or whatever special order they may have
"no mayo"
"extra mayo"
who knows....
I recall trying to work a different set of systems when I was younger...
Happy Hour! We use to go to a variety of restaurants on their preferred happy hour nights. TACO NIGHT! Was always a favorite, but I was never too picky. We would go to any bar that was known for a serious happy hour spread. This was a money saver here in DC as well as out in Colorado. Normally we would order a single beer or a single Coke, but our trips to the Happy Hour Buffet were many. Then there was the discovery of a day shelter in our Neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant, Our Turn. Someone had told me that they had inexpensive juices and shockingly cheap pints of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. For some reason it never occured to me that these inexpensive services were not for me. Guess I felt that my long beard and hair was a good enough for me to pass as a person in need of a break. The flavors were usually odd ones, Ben and Jerry's Coconut or they had the Butter Pecan
the survival instincts of the courier have to be keen
especially in a time when the economy is so tight
more power to these guys for finding a way to survive

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