the internet is wild and whacky place
it is sort of like a party
and like a party
there are often many familar faces
and then there are also strange faces
first impressions are important
(not my strong suit)
as I BLOG on about this and that
I find that occassionally a stranger tunes in reads my stuff
if they choose, they can drop me an email
this is always appreciated
to me
a conversation via email or over the web
is no different than a converstation in person
to me it as if we are speaking standing face to face
like several meetings
several emails add up, contacts and connections become friends
this evening while checking my emails I got a message from someone unknown to me
my YAHOO account had tossed the message into my BULK MAIL
but, being the lonely guy that I am I scanned my BULK mail before hitting the mass delete button
sure enough there were a few fish caught in the net
or perhaps
there were a few sea turtles caught in the tuna net
I caught those sea turtles and sent them on their way (my inbox)
one of those messages was from someone at THE INSIGHT (http://www.the-insight.com/) [just realized I am using Internet Explorer, on the MAC there are certain features lacking in EXPLORER that exist in NETSCAPE]
back to my point
so I check out this site, The INSIGHT
it is pretty, well designed, actually almost hypnotic
but it does not have any information
just links
or perhaps
the building blocks of links, links to no where
it was actually a tad weird
like I was John Denver walking into that white room looking to meet God and only finding an empty white room with a speaker in it
in any case
they made a deal with me
and as it does not seem like a deal to the devil
I will keep that deal
as they are linking to my BLOG
I am linking to their site, THE INSIGHT
but I am still curious how they found me
and more odd
how did the link me to ASHTANGA YOGA
guess I made mention of it in a recent post

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