Life Choices: we all have to work (well most of us)

there are many paths in life
not everyone is cut out to work the basic 9-5
while others do not gel well with others in the work place
some of us just can not get out of bed in the morning
there may be those who think that they can create their own path
for some this has worked while for others it has failed

people have started their own record labels
many have folded and only a few have survived and fewer have prospered

restaurants open and close all the time
turn over is rapid

everyone thinks that they could do a better job than their boss
chances are your boss started their company because they felt that they could do a better job than their boss (if your company has that dynamic)

every drunk thinks that they could open and run a successful bar
every cyclist could open the perfect bicycle shop
every courier feels that they could run the perfect courier company
but there is more to the coffee shop than putting a cup of hot coffee on the table

a friend of mine from high school is taking a break from her pursuit to be an actress to start her own company
her company is a little different
she has invented a product
a hip and fun watch
check it out!

Ribbon Watch

I wish her well
she is having fun
not sure if she will make the Fortune 500
but hopefully she can pay the rent

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