more on Minor Threat/Ian MacKaye and Fugazi
there is one line in this article that says, "he passed on chances to be rich and famous..."
well, Ian is rich and he is famous
that may not have been his intention or his goal, but it is his reality
he did it on his terms
got rich even when he was not trying to
more power to him
he deserves it...
one might think that I was some huge fan
well I am pretty big, but not huge
and I am in some ways a fan
so I guess that I am a pretty big fan

with that said I am pretty big not matter what I do
big cyclist
big computer user
big person all around

on a similar music note
(music note...I crack myself up even when I don't aim to!)
check out ALL MUSIC and search the history of various bands
quite a resource

and once again
it is from their early days
they are just kids
they are fucking tight
can I say fucking on my Blog?
it is a rush
and even the none STRAIGHT EDGE people need a natural RUSH sometimes!

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