(well, my single speeds)
this morning I woke up to a cold rainy morning
lisa was home from work today to attend an open house at a local nursery school
she handled dropping Dean off at Rosemount Daycare
I handled walking Roscoe and Brutus
it was wet and cold
my jacket did a good job of keeping my upper body dry
while my pants did a good job of soaking up every drop of icy cold water
it was near miserable
I took the leashes of the dogs and headed to the basement to put on some cycling gear for a short and direct ride into work
but I figured I would take my commuter with fenders
as I moved in closer to pull it out from behind the some other bikes I saw that it was lacking pedal, pedals that are now on the Karate Monkey
so rather than swapping the pedals back
I figured that with the ice and snow that still remained in the alley and the city streets that my old single speed which has clip on fenders would do me fine
I grabbed it
and climbed up the steps out the back
as I slipped on the icy walkway out back I put the bike down to offer balance and support
I could feel the rear wheel was flat
I went back to get a pump
it was late
it seemed best to just fill up the rear tire and head down the road
the tire seemed that it would hold air
not two spins of the cranks and I could already feel how obnoxiously small this 20 inch frame with its 26 inch wheels is for my 6 foot 4 inch frame
as I pedaled into work my mind went through numerous trail rides and uncountable commutes on this diminutive bike
it clearly did not fit me
the Karate Monkey had shown me the light
there was no going back
no need to cling to this thing
it does not work as even a bar bike at this point
the KONA served me well
it never knew it was too small for me

anyone want a 20 inch Kona Huma Huma Nuka Nuka A' Pu a Ah?
going cheap
ready to go fast
too small for me...what was I thinking

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