sipping wine
and listening to The Jam
right now I am going through a phase of rediscovering the music of my past
mainly of my adolescence
some of this music is proving to have some staying power
The Jam is definitely an under appreciated contribution

oh shit
just remembered
we are having a cleaning lady come tomorrow
I better clean up
is this so we will not be embarressed
lisa has cleaned up the house to such a level
that I asked her to call Doris and tell her that she does not need to come
lisa laughed like I was joking
but the bathrooms and the kitchen could use a wipe with a damp rag
by now Doris knows what to expect
she arrives, the house is spotless
and not because it is always this clean
but because lisa makes it so the night before her arrival
I imagine that Doris takes the money that she makes for this cleaning job and throws a party
and throws it in our house while we are at work
she takes the time she would use to clean the house to throw a party
then once the party is over
it is actually dirty enough that she has something to do
then she cleans up leaving no trace
but how would I know....I am at work

I need a web cam!
that way I would know what Doris does when she is supposed to clean our clean house
and what Roscoe and Brutus are doing all day long
I know that they are barking at the mailman, Harold and I have talked at lenght about their special relationship
an additional plexiglass shield is on the door
our placid domesticated pets transform into CUJO ONE AND CUJO TWO at the sight and sound of the mailman
class has been broken
blood has been drawn, luckily Brutus' and not Harold's

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