sometimes I add PSEUDO definitions to my BLOG
while other times I add real ones
this one is real
the mixing of lies with the truth has been a form of trickery that I have enjoyed implementing for years
hiding insults in compliments and vice versa is also a pleasure
anyway, here is that definition followed by a directionless rant about an education I never had

potvaliant (POT-val-iant) adjective, also pot-valiant

Showing courage under the influence of drink.
Such courage is also known as Dutch courage.

many years ago I had thought that I would be writing a thesis or some sort of PhD type of thing
but never took education to that level
as it turns out
going to class
doing the prepared reading
studying for tests
writing papers over an extended period of time with edits and revisions is better than the night before without spell check
were the actions of a student

to me being a student meant drinking excessively, sleeping late, and playing video games
oh, toss in varsity Div III soccer and various intramurals

with that said...
one of my thesis ideas pertains to this term, potvaliant
my intended title was to be, "The Fight or Fuck Response, with the Steak and Cheese Loophole"
Since I never pursued science with the usual routine of grants and such
I was forced to study myself and my own drunken behavior, in sociology this is called Participant Observation.
When going out drinking I found that our subject, me, would get very drunk very fast and keep on drinking. Once hitting the wall completely inebriation my goal of drinking and shooting pool moved to the pursuit of love, or more accurately lust. somehow the urges, hormones, and emotions all get confused, perhaps it was just the frustration of knowing I was not going to find a suitor that I often found myself in a situation of "fisticuffs." Not being a fighter, there was always the safety loop hole of the Steak and Cheese. Not finding love, and trying to avoid the fight, I found that our subject, again me, was placated by the greasy pleasure of a steak and cheese sub from any of the Korean markets of Sub joints littered about the city. Yums being a personal favorite, extra mumbo sauce on the fries please.

yum mumbo sauce
the condiment of the gods

my other thesis concept that never got developed
Art versus Craft

and the thought of not posting this rant crossed my mind
but being a tad off color can often happen when you are me

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