It is a funny thing, this dance between the SUPERBOWL and the advertising that surrounds it. In most cases it is about the advertising. We like to think that the show Seinfeld was created to entertain us, but that would be as naive as to think that the newspaper was created to inform us. Well sorry, that is just not the case. The newspaper and the television are there in front of us to help buy product. The newspaper for example costs significantly less to purchase than it costs to produce. Advertising is placed throughout the paper acts to bring down the cost of the newspaper. The advertisers are hoping that the readers will view the ads (consciously or subconsciously) and then buy their product, apparently it works. After all, they are still doing it. The entertaining sitcoms that are on the TV in front of us are there for the same purpose. All those cute and clever little sitcoms with the hot wives and the dumpy husbands were created to get us to sit in front of the television so that we see the ads and thus go out mindlessly and purchase the product.

Well, the SUPERBOWL acts with an ironic twist. People tune in to see the ads. The ads are as talked about as the game itself. Sure this year Janet's breast is overshadowing both the game and the ads, but her breast will lose steam and then people will again focus on the issue at hands...the ads. I tunned in during the halftime show in a hope to catch the top ads, well, the halftime show itself drove me away. I did chance on seeing Janet's breast. My two and half year old son was in the room. I was not shocked, not angered, nor was I fearing that my son would have been effected in any way by this. It did seem a little out of character for Justin to be so "grabby," that just does not seem to be his style. That just goes to show you that just when you think you know someone, they show you a side that you never knew they had.


It took some time. Eventually I was able to wade through the ads on this site. They were clever and entertaining. There are my own personal favorites. Check it out and see the ads that everyone is talking about at the watercooler.

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