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this story explains why I do not own a gun
I think that the cyclist should be rewarded for his reserve. Each morning on my short 15 minute commute to work I would shoot several people for similar behavior (this is said tongue and cheek, but emotions do run high and that is why such things do happen)
Although I was not there, I find it safe to say that it was more than the obscene gesture that ticked this cyclist off. Hope he gets a good lawyer and a sympathetic jury, but I would figure that he is ready to face a stiff sentence and a less than understanding car driving judge and jury.

BC-BRF--Bicycle Road Rage,0188
Bicyclist charged with shooting motorist in fight over obscene
MONROEVILLE, Pa. (AP) - A bicyclist shot a truck driver in the
arm during a confrontation that began when the man pedaling the
bike made an obscene gesture, police said.
Robert Urick, 41, was charged with attempted homicide,
aggravated assault and weapons offenses.
William Nicoletti, 51, told police that when he drove past Urick
in his pickup truck Saturday, Urick made an obscene gesture.
Nicoletti said he turned around and drove toward Urick, who
pulled out a pistol and threatened to shoot, police said. Officers
said Urick then reached into the truck and shot Nicoletti once in
the arm, and rode away on his bike.
Nicoletti rammed Urick off his bike and they fought briefly
until Urick fled again, police said.
Police said they arrested Urick, of Monroeville, later that day,
and he told them he made the gesture because Nicoletti had told him
to get off the road.
Urick remained in jail Monday in lieu of $100,000 bail. A
hearing was set for Feb. 17.

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oh yea,
I forgot to mention I HATE GUNS!I see very little need for anyone to own a gun. Sure I can appreciate sport and hunting, but who hunts with a handgun?
And for those who have guns for home security....if I really felt that I was at risk where I lived...I WOULD MOVE!

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