this map is a tad vague
my passport is less than impressive
yet it seems like a good deal is colored in
no alaska
no hawaii
yet since I have traveled in the US
it exaggerates my experience
sure, the stories are my own
each trip was a wonderful experience
no visit was long enough to do more than maybe take a few snap shots and learn a few of the native greetings
then time to head home
perhaps in our family's future we can plot our course overseas
an alternative learning period for the whole family
something that could make the record skip
break the rhythm and direction of some of American culture*

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide

*American: I hate to use the term American to try and describe someone from the United States. It is a tad ethnocentric for one country of so many countries within two hemispheres/two continents to claim the term American for themselves. We are all Americans, but we are the ugly ones (although I try not to be.)

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