Valentines Day finally means something to me.
At 1:37 am at Sibley Hospital in Northwest Washington DC my wife gave birth to our second son, Grant. It was a smooth pregnancy with a smooth deliver, certainly there were some speed bumps here and there, but in comparision to the world of "complications" we were very very lucky. My healthy wife had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy drug free delivery. She screamed and shouted with a red face with a number of veins on her temples, yet she did not complain. It was a funny thursday and friday as she went about her daily business nowing full well that was on the path to delivery. She worked on Friday but left early. Knowing she left early, on my ride home I took a path that would take me to the parking lot at the Melvin Hazen trail. Often when she gets home early she picks up the dogs and takes a hike in the woods before getting Dean. She deserves a moments piece, some time to herself, some time away. But being a protective father I tracked her down. As I did not know how far along she had gone or which direction to find her I shouted out too the dogs in am personalized dog call that I have.
It is some sort of american indian chinese influenced yodel, "hok-hok" The dogs came running. Not immediately. But as I hiked in with my bike at my side I got around a few turns and my voice carried the rest. There was lisa within view up on a switchback nearly out of ear shot (not far actually, this is Rock Creek, not the Grand Canyon) We relayed messages. Unable to decifer the full message, but was able to let her know that I did not want her to have the baby there, and that if he is born there....we are not naming him Melvin (after the trail) She laughed and agreed, but guess not everything translated, I got Dean, leaving the bike outside and strutting down the school halls like some strange coal miner of the future with my gortex gear, helmet, and helmet light, the backpack and the lights strapped about added to the image (no lights on, I am not that geeky)
Lisa got back home with the dogs. She laughed. I could tell she had gone to pick up Dean. We hung at the dinner table and discussed the night's events to come. I was scheduled for work that night, we wondered if lisa was biologically scheduled for delivery. We discussed issues that should have been discussed months ago and we packed bags that should have been packed weeks ago. I called my dad and asked him if he was available for coming over and watching Dean if we were headed to the hospital that night, he agreed to offered his services at our call. So I scurried about and got some things ready and also got ready to head back to work. Went out front, got in my truck and headed to work.
this is getting old
send a comment if you want the rest
too tired after 4 hours of sleep and a full day to finish the tale
maybe after a glass of wine

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