Back from the airport...
this morning I drove Lisa, Dean, and Grant to the airport, they are off to Florida. I will be joining them in 5 days. The drive to Washington National (I still have a hard time calling it Reagan Airport) was painless, but after drop off I rolled directly into morning rush hour traffic. The long queues to each exit and each merger were maddening, people cutting into line without waiting, the usual obnoxious bullshit. As a none car commuter I just do not get it, how do they do this to themselves each day? All the full size trucks and 24 foot long SUVs, what is the point. Each vehicle with only the driver's seat filled, why do they do this to themselves. Can they do the math? Certainly the same drivers see the same cars at the same time each morning. I imagine that each am there are a variety of drivers going about their way letting their minds wander, glancing over at the blonde in the convertible Mercedes filling in the fantasy of who she is, where she is going, and what sort of reward she would offer if she were in need of road side assistance and they delivered. Seeing her one day, looking for her the next, only to see her again a week later, then building the fantasy further. Now she has a psuedo history, a created identity, a voice, an accent, and a personality. The blank time has been filled in by filling in the blank. The math seems simple, two people in each car would take the number of cars on the road in half. That is half the cars waiting in the queue at each on or off ramp, each bridge across the potomac, each toll booth on Route 66....figure it out....

Sadly, if there were more car pooling and less cars on the road, it would only reward more people who drive alone to get to work quicker.

more on this in a bit
I am not awake yet
headed out to walk the dogs
then off for a quick prework ride
feeling lazy
maybe the brisk morning air and my third cup of coffee will shake me out of the morning funk

back in a bit.

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