off the top of my head I am going to try and list some books that I feel are must reads
some of which I really need to read again
some of which could be read in one sitting

1. The Little Prince
(if you figure it out, let me know, maybe I need to learn French as something may have been lost in the translation)
2. The Alchemist
(read it, it does not help explain life, but it may set you at ease that some things happen because that is just the course of life)
3. Lolita
(a wonderful book, a must read for all)
4. Geek Love
(a personal favorite among favorites)
5. Cold Mountain
(a cool love story, a chic book that men can get into, I have yet to see the movie, fear if may not paint the picture on the screen that I saw in my head)
6. anything by John Irving
7. anything by J.D. Salinger (since I think he only published three books under this name, he is an easy one to read the complete works, seek out 9 Stories)
8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
(read it again)
9. Something by Hemingway, any collection of short stories....The Old Man and the Sea...these may get you started...then you may go deeper
10. On the Road
(this and many of the other "Beat Poets" may be worth pursing, Bukowski or Ginsberg....you choose)

thought that it would take more than a minute to get a list of 10 must reads
there were others that came to mind
some New Age, but figured that I covered enough of that with The Alchemist, but feel free to read The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
tried to stay free of too many sports related books, but Into the Wild, Into Thin Air, the book by Goran Kopp: My Everest Odyssey, books by the top athlete of your favorite sport are all worth a look
that is enough for now
back to work
got all sorts of stuff that I really should be doing
like making and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

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