Dean is now roughly two and a half. He knows his animals...I mean he really knows his animals. We are to a point where he is growing to know distinctions of different breeds of dogs and the different sex identifiers of various animals (ie. the male lion has a mane, the male deer with the antlers is a Buck, etc.) At an early age Dean as very interested in the computer, Dean's room was my office or was it my office was Dean's room....judging by the multicolored Crayola Crayons on the wall I guess it was Dean's room. He saw me on the computer and he could not keep his hands off the keyboard. He quickly displayed a set of keyboard shortcuts that changed settings I did not know the computer had, his use of the mouse was rough, but he could cause a fair amount of damage with that. So to keep him entertained on the computer at a young age we found some fun pages. As a new dad I knew nothing about any kids specific pages like NOGGEN.com so I just used some basic logic. We stumbled up in this Animal Noises page, we return back to it even years later.

With that said...
I better start learning some dinosuars or I am going to look pretty foolish.

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