funny stuff
I will have to check this out on a faster line when I get home
but it looks like either the slow modem connection down here is making things funky
or some hacker got in and change me from GWADZILLA to WADZILLA
reminds me of when Jay Amernicks sweaty little brother Danny tried to cause damage to my stomach by putting a half of tin of SKOAL in my Chef Boy Ardee Ravioli
tasteed great to me
thought it was a sweet gesture for this pudgy kid brother of a friend of mine to make me and some other people a snack
little did I know it was all an effort to make me hurl
earned me the nickname amoung some (Norm Van Deslyse who lives down the street still calls me) Skoal Gwadz!
gotta love em
high school antics!
boy we had fun back in the day
not like the geeky kids now who spend all their time online!

[oh, shaved my big ass amish beard, marks the end of winter for me, will grow it back again starting Thanksgiving next year...so along with the loss of the facial hair I also expect to lose the nicknames Grizzley Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant Man! No Victories in any Dan Haggardy look alike contests for me]

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