Inspirtation and DAY ONE
Take inspiration from where ever you can find it. Look to magazines, books, and films. Watch others around you, your peers, your competetors, your enemies, the leaders and creators of whatever your interests may be. Let the morning sun or the evening stars help your mind wander as you find inspiration from the world around you and from your feelings within. Take that inspiration, hold onto it, nurture it, make it grow, then share it.

Each journey starts with day one....
Before day one there are many days of thinking, planning, and preparation, and of course dreaming. There are many nights of trouble shooting ideas and dreams over drinks in a bar, without Day One all these nights of schemes and plans are complete fluff. Then finally, the dream becomes a reality, a thought becomes an action, and it is day one.

dean is awake
more later

boys napping
wife walking he dogs
me blogging

what is this DAY ONE?
yesterday after leaving work a tad early I felt I had the time to try and get out on the bike for a few more miles than normal. My intended route, miles, intensity, and speed were altered when I spotted from the Capital Crescent trail a rider cruising along the towpath along side the C&O Canal with a larger yellow trailer, the stretch limo of trailers, and an assortment of packs. Without hesitation I back tracked to a point to where I could access the towpath and quickly caught up to this lone rider. Immediately we were talking. Curious as I was I could not contain myself....Starting or Finishing? Where you headed? How long are you going for? and What the heck is this thing you toteing along behind you?
All my questions were answered and then some.....
His name is John and he is headed to Alaska. He has sold everything he owns other than the possessions that he is carrying with him. There are pots and pans, extra tires, certainly tools; although I could not see them, there were two skis that turned out to be a back country snowboard that splits in half, all that with paddles and an exterior that turns out to be a collapsable sea kayak. John is riding a southern route across the United States where he expects to sell his bike In Seattle and climb into his self designed and self constructed collapsable sea kayak. From there he will paddle his way to Alaska.
On our introduction he was just miles from home, as this is Day One from him.

proof read
and more to come on this
going to try to get his contact info
and get him to start a BLOG


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