so my TECHIE boss at work felt that he needed to replace his big bulky old iPOD with the new slimmer and trimmer iPOD with his name engraved on the back. he did not have a need for his old iPOD. the offer was made to sell it to me, I declined. had considered the iPOD but was not sure when I could use it. feared it would sit along side my video camera, my Palm Pilot, and various other techie toys that all seemed like good ideas at the time. some time passed and we were on our way to lunch and he said that he may be putting his iPOD on eBAY. immediately I asked what his low figure. he said 100 dollars. without hesitation I offered to take that low number of 100 bucks and save him the potential hassles of eBAY. the deal was made. there was some sweating.....some quoting of the law of "oral contracts" and the threat of a letter on thick textured paper with the return address of a high powered law firm. it did not come to that. we just had to wait to see if his brother was going to buy it for an earlier promise of 150.00. the younger brother, chris, opted out of the bidding war....the iPOD was mine...all I had to do was wait for the engraved device to be mailed from China.

now with the iPOD in hand I have some thinking to do....
sure it is 10GB of space, but what do I really want on this thing
clearly I do not want to have the settings on SHUFFLE and be forced to hit the forward button each time a new song starts that I do not want to hear.
So before loading this device up with every cd I own I am giving it some thought..."What do I really want to listen to?"
How many Reggae songs/albums will I really need?
So, I will try to go through this with some restraint!
1. Bob Marley; Between Lisa and myself we have several copies of Survival, Legend, the Box Set, and some lesser known albums....maybe I will have to hand pick some tunes
2. Steel Pulse; Earth Crisis should be enough
3. Bad Brains; I Against I! Well , maybe I can sneak in two albums (Rock for Light?) if I put one album in as Hardcore and another as Reggae, but I Against I is vital for any collection!
now, logic may reach for Burning Spear/Israel Vibration and other bands within my collection, most of which do not come to mind, I realize that I need to pull just some choice tracks from these CDs. no need to take up the space. no need to take up my time forwarding through

what are some must haves for listening pleasure?

1. DC Hardcore: Some Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, Beefeater, Dag Nasty, and well already have some music from a lesser know musician off TEENBEAT, Bells of. A friend of mine Lawrence and his crazed voice and his wild guitar.
2. 80's Dance? New Order? Dead or Alive? What do I want? Do I want to go obsucre or do I want to hang with the hits?
So many choices...
but I did already put my mix by THE JAM!
what else

ESL: The 18th Street Lounge:
a. Theivery Corporation
b. Nicola Conte
b. Thunderball

most of my listening pleasure is acutally a mix of Electronica and jazz/blues/samba

you know
Stan Getz and stuff on that line

what to do
what to do
these darn toys

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