just some morning blogging as I sip my coffee
Grant is still asleep or perhaps he is finally asleep
and Dean is entertaining himself with some toys. His imagination has really expanded...

The other night after a glorious night drive through Rock Creek Park, Grant was asleep and Dean was excited. The moon was low, huge, and orange, and there were deer feeding all over the park. There was far too much for him to sleep on this drive. As we entered Mount Pleasant from Porter Street there was a gathering of police cars, a mix of both DC metropolitan and Park Police. I passed without giving it any thought. The next day the talk on the street was they found a body, a human head, perhaps the final remains of Chandra Levy.

I have yet to check the papers and missed the snippet on the news so I still do not know. Strange how these things no longer effect me. It is all too much common place to worry about.

Mt Pleasant

Rock Creek Park
more Rock Creek History/Info

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