No, not snowboarding at SNOWBIRD!

snowbird (SNO-bird) noun

1. A person who moves to a warmer climate for the winter.

2. Any of various birds (e.g. junco, snow bunting, fieldfare)
seen chiefly in winter.

Lisa and I are down in sunny Florida with Grant and Dean at the inlaws place at Marco Island. Actually there is a Gwadz Gaggle this far south. My brother and his family of four are down here, my sister with her pregnant belly and 2 year old son are her sans husband/father, and my dad is down her as well. We are all visiting my grandmother in Fort Myers. Managed to talk them into coming down here for the day tomorrow, after I drove up there for dinner tonight. It should be madness, but having all the boys on the beach should be nothing shy of a hoot! Dean and Eric together can be an infectious giggle! Just love seeing them together.

Here bikeless. Tried running one day. Did some splashing in the Gulf, but more than anything else just hanging with Dean. Right now Grant is going through some neonate issues, or well perhaps, infant stuff. He has some sort of stomach issues, the lil' guy is in a tad bit of pain, hope it is nothing serious. Got to keep it all in perspective. Hate to see him suffer, also hate to lose sleep, and seeing my wife work so hard to try and make him comforable is also a drag. Lisa is a good mom, Grant and Dean are lucky, guess I am lucky too....occassionally some of that nurturing overflows unto me. (actually before the dogs, Roscoe and Brutus, I got the Lion's Share of the pampering....now I am pretty low on that totem pole)

enough for now
have a good night
as I best get some rest
the morning is never far away

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