24 Hours of Snowshoe
With the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms behind me it is now time to set my sights on the 24 Hours of Snowshoe Granny Gear's Grand Daddy of mountainbike races. This is the race that really got me into racing. From the early days of Canaan this race weekend went on my calendar, yet somehow it nearly slipped away. A rainy race weekend two years ago, packed upon a few other rainy 24 hour race events left me and my team a bit despondent. So when the race weekend approached we were not signed up and we felt as if we did not miss a thing....well....it turned out to be a dry fast race weekend. Racers were doing 2 laps back to back before the exchange to give longer rest breaks between laps. Part of me felt left out....another part of me felt like I had chickened out. It is all very hard to explain.
This year I tried my darndest to assemble a fast Clydesdale team to win back the Podium spot that we had slipped off of several years prior but I just could not get anyone to commit. As the race got closer, my once clydesdale brother, now leaner and meaner is assembling a Vet team. When a slot was vacant on his team I more than willingly accepted. For me the race is about the experience and racing with a few people that I am friends with would be more important that assembling a fast Clydesdale team just to take the podium and perhaps a few prizes.
In the end I can always do the math. Average my own times and figure how I would have finished with a TEAM OF GWADZES...more over a team of Joel Gwadzes, against the winning Clydesdale team.

over and out
time to punch the clock
grab my lunch box
get on my horse
and head for home

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