Bike to Work day.
this friday past was Bike to Work Day in Washington DC
as things happened my shift at work that day combined with lisa's new part time work schedule with friday's off created a flexible opportunity to head down to the rally at Freedom Plaza
the mayor spoke
several council members spoke
members of waba spoke
even one of the owners of City Bikes, a sponsor of the event, spoke
it was cool
it was a great gathering
all sorts of bicycle people were there
those that bike for work (couriers) were well represented
there were all sorts of freds; the commuter crowd
and an assortment of other cyclists
many familiar faces
free t-shirts
free water bottles
mini fanny packs
all sorts of junk that most people do not want and will never use were given away
it was a great event
people enjoyed having their heads counted
had some great conversations with some people from the Nationa Park Service on some cycling related issues
ran into all sorts of old friends and familiar faces
it was a party
an early morning party
glad I attended
glad to be associated with everyone there.....the freds, the racers...whatever and whoever was out there

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