The Changing World
The Changing Technology
My Changing Life

to think that I ever lived without a computer
now I own several
use them for work
use them to play
ah the technology
wireless connections
and the technology we love to hate, CELL PHONES
the things that did not exist
the things we never imagined and never knew that we would need
we would be crippled without email
how would we communicate?
how would we interact?

are things ever going to go RETRO with this whole technological age?
in the world of the bicycle there have always been the retro types
those clinging to yesterday's technology claiming it is better
but how about in the world of technology
sure the bicycle has moved to dual suspension with 27 gears
which created the subculture of those who choose the suspensionless frame with a single cog in the back
but how about the world of technology?
are there people out their with rotary dial, licking stamps, writing letters, and communicating with others via their cassette tape answering machine?

and to think...
there was a time when I stayed out all night
had not kids
and lived a life without health insurance
those were the days
better check my watch, can't stay up too late
the kids get up so early
better not fix another drink, don't want to be hung over when Dean jumps on my head in the morning
and the dogs....
I can not remember living a life without dogs
the house was not home without roscoe and brutus

(and no, blogging without caps and punctuation is not an effort to be poetic, it is my lazy/efficient/preferred style)

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