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This morning as I reviewed my BLOG to see if anyone had commented on any of my rants I found a comment submission from SPYDER's MOM I reviewed her images on her homepage
The images were effective to help me draw a mental picture of her as I read random selection from her TALES section. The tales were not "tails" of her dog Spyder but rather of her late in life discovery of mountainbiking and mountainbike racing, through her various posts there was a recurring theme of humility in her achievement and satisfaction from her efforts and her attempts.

While reading through her posts I could not help but think of another female athlete who discovered sports and competition late in life, Judy Flannery.
I grew up knowing Judy Flannery as Mrs. Flannery, or Dennis' mom (the star of my select soccer team), and more specifically my soccer coach's wife, but to many people in this area and to women athletes all over the country (and maybe the world) she was known as a world class triathlete. It is a the start of a wonderful story that took a tragic twist. Several years ago she was out on a training ride and was run over and killed by an oncoming car that intentionally swerved into her lane and hit her head on. The specifics of that incident do not qualify for the word accident. Judy's eldest child Erin wrote and produced an award winning documentary on her mother's life. "Judy's Time" is a film that I have yet to see but look forward to seeing it when I get a chance. I hope the theater is dark as I am sure that it will effect me deeply, just thinking of her death upsets me greatly.

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