More strange conversations in this weird EWorld!
For me reading emails or reading BLOGS is not entirely dissimilar to talking to someone. As the words are read I hear a voice, an image is created, and a relationship is born. Sometimes friendships are made, and just as often enemies are found. The written words can cause pleasure or pain with the same ease as the spoken word. Last night as I scanned some of the links on VELORUTION I stumbled on Ken Kifer's Page. I read some of this and some of that, some thoughts grabbed me others I just left behind. I was drawn in deeper, as I got deeper and closer I thought that I would drop an email Ken's way. When the contact page loaded I read that Ken was dead, not only had he died, but he had died in a bicycle related accident. Poetic injustice. His killer was a drunk driver, who had been given a DUI and was allowed to drive home just hours later. This tragic tale moved me and even scared me. Life is so precious, yet we all take it for granted. We all assume that we will be here tomorrow to raise our kids and to chase our dreams, but clearly that is not always so.

With that said....

Those of us on our bikes may want to look over our shoulder twice, consider slowing down as we encounter unsure variables, and never assume that we can fully anticipate the actions of the car drivers around us.

And for those of us in our cars....
(although I commute to work on bike and seldom drive my car, I do drive, especially when my family is involved)
When in cars we need to watch our speed. Pass pedestrians and cyclists with care, caution, and courtesy. When driving through neighborhoods anticipate that there is a child around each bend. Drive down each road as you would want people to drive down your road. Go around cyclists and pedestrians with the same respect that you want car drivers to grant you.

Enough with this.
It is all so obvious. We all know these things. But sometimes we forget. Let us slow down a moment and think of Ken, Judy, and may others who many have lost their lives due to the recklessness inconsiderate behaviors of others.

Both Ken and Judy may not live today, but their lives were important enough that their visions live on. Judy's daughter created a documentary of her life. And Ken's site is active and maintained by a close friend of his. It is vital that these stories are shared and told so that such incidents are prevented in the future and so that we can appreciate life while we have it.

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