it is true, I will post anything, I am all over the place. Forgive me, it is not unlike my life. Here is a comment I posted on Tim Faia's CYCLOCROSS and PASTA Blog

I would like there to be an accelerated NATURAL SELECTION PROGRAM in the united states. The enforcers would be like Canadian Mounties....but we would call them Darwinians. WHen people do some completely idiotic shit and don't get hurt or killed, they get the death penelty. Bad spelling does not count, and if lots of people laugh...that does not qualify.
Now her is an example.....
(keep in mind that I don't eat at McDonalds, cause I liked it too much, been like 6 year....junk food junkie...okay, my point)
so....you are in line at McDonalds for 10 minute....then when you are about to order the guy in front of you gets his turn. He stops, pauses, and then looks at the menu and starts thinking...
Death Penelty for the guy under my system

who do I talk to about getting this started?

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