these are strange times, very very very strange times
it seems that plastic surgery is the hair dye of the modern age
and not unlike hair dye...it does not always help and sometimes it goes wrong
flipping through the channels tonight and I pause on some show on BRAVO
the basic premise is the history of television
Barbra Eden looked like a monster (Bewitched was always hotter)
but more curious...what about the people who look good, but what looks good because of surgery
wouldn't it be sad to have your best feature not be yours
to get compliments all the time about such things
to have someone fall in love with you because of such things
it becomse more and more common that I look at an older peer and marvel at how good they look, maybe even see a photo of them from 20 years prior and think that it is great that they look better now than they ever did
then someone leans in and mentions "the knife"
it makes me sort of sad, for some reason I feel sorry for them

with this all said
in 20 years someone stop me the day I schedule for a pull and tuck

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