RELL SUNN: Another inspirational women athlete...excuse me...another inspirational athlete...correction, just a real inspirational person

Staying up late on a Saturday night, catching this documentary on an amazing women, Rell Sun. An amazing surfer at the early stages of the competitive surf game, a free diver of stunning proportions, simply a beautiful person inside and out. Heart of the Sea, is the film, the segment I am watching is blowing my mind. She is so beautiful, her thoughts, her words, her achievements in life, and yes....her eyes, her hair, her movement doing the Hula, but over all her approach to life, her attitude in life, before and after her battle with cancer. Learn more about Rell Sunn before you call me a creep.

Here is another link.

and this!

I would definitely try to catch this film again
now to try to take the lessons she has taught through her life's example and apply them to my life

Mike says to have a hankie near by, he is correct.

this give Hawaii shirts more meaning....
I will let all of mine be a reminder of her inspirational approach to life

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