Single Speed Race at State College PA
here are the details that I got in an email this morning from Eric Roman (former courier, one of the founding members of the City Bikes Mountainbike Team, part owner of a shop in State College PA, and single speed demon!)

The trails are in the best shape in recent years, the
town has emptied out now that school is over, and the
weather is amazing. The East Coast North American
Single Speed Championship of The Universe Part Deux is
is only 3 weeks away. The same deal as last
year...$20, 7 stages, food and beer, Go Carts, amazing
trails. This year has promised to be Larger with more
racers, prizes, and an exciting new offering from a
more than one company. If you miss this one you just
may have to wait and read about it...and who really
wants to read about the fun everyone else had?!? As
last year, make reservations at hotels/motels early.
There will be floor space for as many as need, NEW
this year- I'll have a map of suggested camping spots
in the forest. Register at MtNittanyWheelworks 'til 6
and then later reg. is at Zeno's Bar on the corner of
College and Allen Streets. Yes there is a cover but
it's for the band. Start is about 10am at the Ski Area
again. So, that's it for now. Come one, come
all...spread the word...see you at the end of the month......Eric Roman

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