"Charlie don't surf!"
well, neither does joel, but I am drawn to the sport
for some reason I have this strange feeling of appreciation for surfing
guess mountainbiking is my surfing
honestly I think I have seen more Surf Movies than mountainbiking films
as far as ownership goes I have looked for Bruce Brown's ENDLESS SUMMER (and his ON ANY SUNDAY) at BEST BUY countless times, tempted online, but never hit the purchase key.
This weekend I caught the HEART OF THE SEA documentary on PBS. I was attracted to it just by the surfing theme and it turned out to be this magical film about life.
Definitely wearing a Hawaiian shirt to work tomorrow to keep the passion and inspiration from Rell Sunn fresh in my mind.

clips from the film
bellow are BLOG postings on this documentary shown on PBS

and of course the film DOGTOWN and z boys ROCKED!

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