Title IX Sports:
Women's sports has been fighting for an equal playing ground for years. In some cases they are fighting for just a playing field or some decent equipment, all of this is understandable. But, the rules are such that implementing such rules has created some pretty bizarre results.

Check out this article in the NY Times on Women's Rowing Scholarships.

I am all for women's sports, but I think that they are going a little overboard with demanding equality. In the case of professional sport we need to realize that this is all about entertainment. The top athletes don't get paid the most because they are the best, they get paid the most because they draw the biggest crowd (and winning/going to the finals, all that brings in more money.) It is all about money. If the viewers do not want to see the women's pro basketball league, women's boxing, or women's soccer, well then money is the final word. It is not about being fair and equal, it is about entertainment. Anna Kornakova?

Now on the college level it is a tad different, but not really, these schools are also businesses....and they want to draw attention to their schools and make whatever money they can. This is a topic that I could drag on about for a while but I do not want to deviate from the original topic of women's sports, but I might as well finish my point. Okay Now, Compare and Contrast Georgetown University and its academic record and its sports programs with University of Notre Dame and it academic record and sports programs..talk amongst yourselves and get back to me.
Okay, where I am going with this?
Now where....
Just ranting along...

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