(no, not Videodrome!)

To continue on the cycling tangent of VELODROMES I have done a couple of quick GOOGLE SEARCHES. It is all at your finger tips with GOOGLE!
This is what I came up with...
List of Velodromes in the US
from that list I went a took an electronic tour of some of those locations on the East Coast, as it turns out the NY Velodrome in Queens has recently been revamped! Check out the Kissena Queens Velodrome here! While the site for the Velodrome near Allentown PA in Trexlertown has a very informative site, Lehigh Valley Velodrome.

That is more than enough links to Velodrome information than you really need to wet you whistle. After all, you can do your own GOOGLE if you really want to.

As for me, don't be fooled I am still a mountainbiker. To me there is nothing more pure than riding a bicycle on a wooded trail. Sure I spend a fair amount of time on the road, logging in a few miles on pavement. But, as fun as that is, the time on the road pales in comparison to the pleasures of the dirt. The road miles are building blocks to being faster and stronger on dirt. The stronger my legs and lungs, the more fun I can have just steering my bike through the woods. That is the greatest feeling, when mountainbiking becomes more like downhill skiing (I actually have never skied, snowboarded for years, but accept the metaphor just the same...skiing in more similar to road riding, and snowboarding is closer to mountainbiking....the cultures overlap, but that is due to what draws the individual to each sport) It is a glorious sensation, not unlike the one I experienced at the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms, when everything is working at its highest level. The mind is taking in all the variables and sending out all of the commands, the conscious mind at the surface is almost a witness to the actions before it. It is completely ZEN.
The flow is phenomenal!

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