The 4th of July!
This weekend we clebrate the 4th of July, some sort of birthday celebration for this nation. There is no town in the country that clebrates this day with more flare....the fireworks are just the candles on the cake.
We are not sure what we are planning to do. Initially Lisa and I had considered heading to Harpers Ferry for a 'dry run' of the fireworks display. It is rumored that they do a complete run of the DC fireworks display in Harpers Ferry the Saturday before the Fourth, but this is the second year in a row where we have been told it is not happening. I was not sure if Lisa's Yankee accent caused them to tell her a little fib to keep the tourists out (yes, I know that West Va was on the side of the Union, but it does have a sligt southern feel) This day was also intended to have a strong taste of Americana as we went 'tubing.' Good sense has got the best of us, maybe tubing is not the activity of choice for 3 year olds and 4 month olds, maybe Dean could hack it, but whoever was on the shore hanging with 4 month old Grant may be a tad grumpy as the others float down the river at a mules pace.
I have not checked, but in my misspent youth we use to gather down by the reflecting pool for a punk rock extravaganza called, RAR; Rock Against Reagan/Rock Against Racism! It was full of all sorts of fun stuff; multi colored hair, frisbees, and anything else you can imagine might happen at an experience so pictured in the Chicago song, "saturday...in the park...I think it was the 4th of July"
I have not been joining in on the Malls' 4th of July event for a few years, it was a tad disturbing as I stood beside local folk hero Steve "Squint" and I thought outloud....we are old enough to be the parents of some of these punk rock kids. I don't mind being old, I just don't like feeling old.

We will see what we do this weekend...
I hate the crowds, but there is the chance that I will put Dean in the trailer and take him to a location where we can catch some of the fireworks display. All this of course, after an American BBQ poolside in my dad's backyard.

Hopefully I will blog about the reflection of the fireworks in Dean's wide eyes.

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