accessories make the outfit
What is this new trend?
Or was it a trend before Reese Witherspoon starred in the First Legally Blonde?
I do not know....and I do not get it
Has anyone else noticed these little furballs with a heartbeat that these high maintenance chics have been shopping around town with?
I have seen these little dogs stuffed into Burberry, Coach, and Gucci Bags.
Calling them dogs is a loose use of the word, but they are not cats, some of them look like rats
I am distracted by JACKASS
I need to get another drink
even as an old man....I sort of get this whole Jackass thing
but not really
sometimes they are JACKASSES while most of the time they are ASSHOLES
just as I do not get various breed of dogs I do not get why people continue to breed with certain types of people

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