(read only those with the patience to have read the entirety of the previously posted section on the 24 hours of snowshoe...to all others it will make no sense)
after sending out this race report I got a message from Rich
he must be a speed reader because he responded with such rapidity
upon receiving his message I felt bad
although I could not recall exactly what I had written I knew from his message that I had offended him
after I took a break for lunch I sat down and read, well okay, I scanned down to the section that made mention of Rich
and I did in fact feel bad
as I am easily annoyed it is not fair for me to stress or state that anyone annoyed me
and Rich made it clear that his intention were not for Brian to slow so that his team mate could reel in and pass our racer and take the third place slot
guess I misunderstood his intentions
I have no problem with the shifting of the rotation
that is just a good racing strategy
we have pulled such things (the racer switch, swap, or skip, not the gentlemanly...."oh, you can slow down, we are not racing to catch up and pass you." thing)
now...I have started to sound sarcastic
in actuality I did feel bad
my intention was not to hurt Rich's feelings
my intention was to entertain and amuse, not at the expense of others
perhaps I misread his intentions at the top of Cub Run when he spoke with brian
as for his list of excuses...

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