back from WAW; wesdnesday at wakefield
dam my body needed that
amazing how an exertion can bring energy
totally pumped with how things went tonight
finished fast and strong, more importantly without injury
well, no more injury than the beating of the ridid single speed had to offer
wanted to do a fourth lap to match my 3 lap clydesdale times with the 4 lap experts, but 20 yards into the single track of that 4th lap I felt the urge to hang
socializing energizes me as well
I have many faults, being social is just one of them
ened up doing 2 races in a 4 race post work series
a great local gathering, some real talent
shockingly fast guys (and some gals) racing and having fun
a good course for the single speed
tight at times which can make it tough to pass
but everyone is dealing with the same variables
even the guy who is first in expert is lapping people as he starts in his second lap
well, maybe late into the second lap
some of the only times I have ever ridden and raced with the big boys at the olympic level are usually the local Dan Comber races (and well the 24 hour races, but I said no more snowshoe) On the multilap Dan Comber races I have on the winding down of my final lap been caught and passed/lapped by some great east coast pros. tried to follow their line and their speed. for less than 30 yards can I hang at their pace. sooner could I catch a rabbit or deer. these guys are so smooth and so fast and so gone, just gone.....no sound of heavy breating no sound of an exploding heart, just gone.
there were some moments of terror
somehow on my first lap I found the deepest puddle on the powerline section
there was a fast dry line on the left and I was attempting an aggressive pass on the right wheeled track of a very conveluted jeep track/powerline
covered in my and not making the pass
back behind the wheel past another puddle
only to pass at a more rational spot on the trail
but definitely before the climb and definitely before the singletrack
sure enough I pass these guys only to have to pass some guy on the last climb before the singletrack
then onto a quick downhill
which I take fast, then slower each lap
the rigid fork on the surley is especially tank like
don't get me wrong I am cruising
but I am sure that there were many going faster
the only race won on a downhill is a downhill race
each person I pass is passed for good and left behind
I inspire some people to increase their speed
change their pace and intensity
this aids me to push harder
eventually they too are gone somewhere behind me
that is basically how the three laps went
and well you know about the 4th

so I am showering and eating a beef bbq sandwhich now

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