Doping: Performance Enhancing Drugs (aka cheating)
This whole cheating thing has been going on for quite some time, but it seems to be more and more of an issue these days. A few years ago there was the scandal of Mark McGuire and his use of an unbanned substance...then the top track and field athletes...during the tour the French were making accusations about Lance. It blows my mind. How do the athletes rationalize this? Am I so niave? Is it because all of the top athletes use these performance enhancing substances that makes it so that no one feels that it is wrong?

Someone help me out here

Check out Todd Well's journal entry about this topic...

Velo News Article

and Virgin Cola?

Marion Jones always in the news with this stuff.

I guess I could link on forever with this stuff. Tyler "dopey" Hamilton. The LeMond accusations.
You name it. The topic is hot as the Tour winds down and the Olympics approach.

another Velo News article with links to various PRO FOOTBALL DOPERS

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