Flip Flop
we all do a little flip flop
as we get older and we change; we change our beliefs and we change our actions
even as time passes and our tastes change
with my long list of rules I can be a tad hypocritical by flip flopping and breaking my own rules....
for example tonight
while it is clear that I am too big for the tub
Dean and I still took a bubble bath tonight
then when Dean stepped into the tub he complained that the water was too hot
but that water was not as hot as the Hot Tub that I told Dean he could not go into
that I could not get him out of when we were in Arizona
we all flip flop from time to time
I am sure if you give it five minutes you can find an example of your own flip flopping.

before blogging I had 5-7 good examples of Flip Flops in my present world

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