Funny Thing...
In my adult life I have always claimed to be too large to fit in a standard bath tub. Only under situations of great need did I ever get in the tub. Lets say....if I am in great pain and need the healing sensation of ebsen salts or just the hot soak. But since Dean has been on the scene I have found myself taking more and more baths. Odd! Before my 6'4" frame with its 230 plus pound frame was unable to fit comfortabley into the tub. But now when my three year old son Dean asks me to take a baths.....it is bubble time. It is usually a short process, but I do join him for a bit. Then when I get out of the tub the water level drops to an absurdly low level.  I then grab some of his favorite tub toys (turkey baster being a current favorite) and fill up the tub.
As for Grant....I have taken his cubby little 4 month old body in the shower with me, cleaned him up with great caution, as when he gets soaped up he is one slippery little beast. But no baths with both of the boys yet, although Lisa makes the family tub a semi-regular experience. I have photos....but they may not be web worthy.

With all this said.....

We have a larger tub on the second floor....sans shower. It is one of those massive tubs with the feet. Dean broke the ornate faucet and I have not gotten around to replacing it. But we need to replace that and make sure the feet are secure. That would clearly be a better bath tub for me and the boys....much higher walls and a tad longer!

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