Haines Point
This weekend Lisa and I wanted to grab the boys and the dogs and get out of town. But then I got this crazy idea...we may not be living in DC forever...when/if I leave the city I do not want all my memories to be about how we loved to get out of town. For the most part we take good advantage of the resources around us....had you heard Dean on sunday with his chant..."I want to go to a museum" you would know that the museums are as much part of his life as the zoo, the park, and the pool.
So rather than rushing to Harper's Ferry for some tubing, we headed down to Haines Point to check out the boats in the water and the planes in the sky, Dean got to climb on the sculpture, The Awakening, and then he got to eat lunch at the 19th hole as we watched the hustlers work on their putts and the golfers wait for their tee time to be called. After lunch we managed to get dean on the kitchless putt putt...it was classic child behavior....we could not drag him to play then we could not drag him away! He is only three so his score was not so low.....but he may have beaten me. I stopped keeping score as lisa was clearly winning...winning while holding 4 month old Grant no less....when the competition got still she put him in the stroller....by then I had claimed we were just playing for fun.

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